Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Enough is enough. Please help end racism now.

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Foxfairy on Bandcamp

Foxfairy's album Zero available on BandCamp

The duo of Paris Sadonis and Justin Rickles released this full-length album in 2013 on Circuit Freq Records. The album is now available on Foxfairy's Bandcamp page.

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Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles Logo

JRick produces YouTube + AI LA "The Future Of Work" live stream

It was a pleasure working on this this multimedia broadcast. It a solid showcase of production capabilities for live streaming in the first month of 2020's Stay At Home order.

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J Rick Top Floor Mix Artwork

JRick mix for The Top Floor live stream

For the first time in years I've made an up beat rock n roll style dance mix for The Top Floor's live stream featuring a Zoom room for guests to join the dance party in the live stream video mix.

Total length: 50:30

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Brasswork Agency on YouTube

Music Video for Brasswork Agency remix now on YouTube

In 2015 Brasswork Agency remixed "Juste Un Sourire" by French tech house producer Eddy Morenas and a music video is now available on YouTube.

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Airship Opening Crew

JRick Celebrates One Year at Google's Airship

One year ago in August 2018 Justin moved from Google Venice event spaces to the brand spanking new Google development in the historic Spruce Goose Hangar of Playa Vista as Senior Technician for the broadcast-level event space with inventive hospitality, accessibility and multimedia production as well as seamlessly integrated live video conferencing with live audiences.

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